Hilltop Angus Ranch, 1831 Everson Rd,  Denton, MT 59430
Gary & Carmen Poser: 406-567-2627, 406-366-4049
Cory Poser: 406-567-2439, 406-366-3461 htangus@itstriangle.com

Our Story

Hilltop Angus Ranch is located 15 miles north of Denton, MT on the Everson bench. The property encompasses rolling hills with rich fertile farm ground. We are just short of 3 miles from the Coffee Creek breaks. The ranch is rich in history as it was said that it was the location of a historic battle at a place called Blood Coulee.

The ranch started in 1914 by Otto Poser, Sr. In 1923 Otto Poser, Jr. was born and thus the beginning of what is today 100 years of farming and 50 years of registered Angus Cattle.  The ranch continues to be operated by the same family in the same location.


The ranch is currently owned by Otto and Dolly’s son Gary Poser and their grandson, Cory Poser. Gary grew up on the ranch and received his schooling in Denton and attended college at Montana State University - Bozeman graduating with a degree in Business.

He worked away from the ranch many years before coming back in 1985 to join as a partner with his father Otto Poser, Jr. Gary’s favorite times of the year are harvest and seeding. Gary is married to Carmen and together they have 10 Children and 9 grandchildren.


Cory grew up in Denton and ventured off to Montana State University - Bozeman on a track scholarship. After College, Cory joined the navy and served his country in the Persian Gulf and Iraq Wars.

Cory always had a deep love for the ranch and knew he wanted to ranch side by side with his dad. He returned in 2003 and was just recently made a partner.

Cory is married to Tammie and together they have one pheasant-hunting dog named Demi. Their newest venture is showing cattle with their niece, Caitlynn Poser.


Hilltop Angus Ranch hosts an annual Production Sale the second Tuesday of April. Every year we offer 100 performance test registered Yearling Black Angus Bulls. Hilltop Angus strives to produce some of the best cattle for the Black Angus connoisseur. The ranch also raises small grains including winter wheat, spring wheat and barley.

~ Gary, Carmen, Cory & Tammie